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L-Mail  is a free download, convenient, and easy to use:
>>Installation: LetterMatics.exe (Version 1.100121)

>>Upgrade: LMIx.exe (Version 1.100121)(save in C:/LMI/Lettermatics/LMIxApps/ folder)

>>Mail Wizard: Mail Wizard ZIP file

>>Users Manual: LMI User Manual.pdf

>>WYSISYG Envelope Help file: EnvHelp - save in HelpInfo folder

>>Current Price Book: PRICEBOO.TPS

>>ODBC-1: ODBC-1 file

>>ODBC-2: ODBC-2 file

>>Templates: Templates for Jewelers

Backup Lettermatics Data Files

Using whatever backup routine you use, 
1. Copy the entire LMI Folder and all its contents: C:\LMI
2. Copy the Default folder for your Lettermatics Documents: (example)
i. C:\users\yourname\documents
ii. To view folder path go to: Lettermatics, Preferences, Office Defaults, Documents work folder
3. Keep track of your account #

Restoring LMI Files 

1. Reinstall L-Mail from the web site:  www.lettermatics.com
2. Restore Default Document Folder (See # 2 in Backup procedure)
3. From your backup, restore the following LMI Folders & Documents to : 
a. \lmi\lettermatics\lmixapps\data
b. \lmi\lettermatics\lmixapps\images
c. \lmi\lettermatics\lmixapps\Templates
4. Check  Account Information & Call Lettermatics for assistance

Location of Files

a. Envelopes - \lmi\lettermatics\lmixapps\data
b. Letterhead Templates - \lmi\lettermatics\lmixapps\Templates
c. Mailing Lists - \lmi\lettermatics\lmixapps\data
d. Return address Logos - \lmi\lettermatics\lmixapps\images
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