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Bulk Mail Marketing Software

Lettermatics  L-Mail


Pricing is easy.
The download is free, the install is free.
The test mode allows you to "check it out" for free.
When you're ready to send real mail, simply add some money into your EZ-Post account to cover postage and printing.  Lettermatics suggests $25 to start.
A simple B&W letter in a #10 envelope mails First Class for $0.80

The Full software license starts at $189 and includes the following:

    • Full LetterMatics software license on up to 3 workstations
    • installation assistance
    • 1 custom letterhead and envelope
    • 8 Prewritten Letter templates
    • 7 Additional Business templates
    • 4 envelope templates
    • continuing customer support

New users can download & install LetterMatics package from the “Software” page of the web site at www.lettermatics.com, and then call 1-877-LMI-0008 to schedule their first training session.  Help with downloading and installing is a simple phone call away!
L-mail sends real mail, in real envelopes to real people, in their real mailbox from your desktop or laptop
L-mail does it all!

  • Prints
  • Stuffs
  • Addresses
  • Inserts
  • Seals
  • Applies postage
  • Mails it
  • All with a few clicks!

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Lettermatics   L-direct

The Production and distribution of time-sensitive documents, on-demand printing and marketing collateral for corporations and financial institutions.  Letter-Matics, Inc. can customize any print job to your specifications.


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