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Customer Benefits of LetterMatics Bulk Mail Software

Customer Benefit

Make More Money – Lettermatics help build strong relationships with customers using the power of real mail – instantly from any PC.

Lettermatics is a Marketing system that will save money and allow your sales force to make more money for themselves and your business.  Even the best marketing tool is useless if none of your employees use it.  What’s great about LetterMatics is that it is both affordable and effective.

Sending a letter using conventional business processes, with all the complexities and red tape that it entails can cost $20 or more in organizational and administrative time and production expenses.  By using modules that fit in with standard retail automations systems and relying of easily customizable templates, Lettermatics enables salespeople of all kinds to get letters out within moments of a transaction for less than $1.00

Go to “Get software”, then click download to begin using Lettermatics!!

Why is Lettermatics different?

  1. Make more money – Bring customers back into your business
  2. Convenient (only 3 mouse clicks to send a letter)
  3. Fast (Mail a letter in the same time as using E-mail)
  4. Economical (no “mailing” supplies to purchase)
  5. Gives diversity (various templates and envelopes)
  6. Do not have to be connected to internet to create mail jobs
  7. Don’t have to leave your desk to mail something

Sound too good to be true?  Don't take our word for it.

 “When I mail letters out, I get customers coming in,” says Michaelene Mason, a sales associate at one of America's leading jewelers, Devon Fine Jewelry.  “LetterMatics is a new tool that allows me to send follow-up letters to my customers instantly.”

LetterMatics combines the power of the Internet with the affordability of the US Postal Service to allow her to send real mail directly to her clients' homes straight from her POS terminal.  Lettermatics Mails so you don’t have to.

As a high-performing salesperson, Mason's priority is working with customers, not performing administrative tasks.  That's why she loves the breakthrough product LetterMatics.

Imagine that a new customer visits your store for the first time.  You give a tour, collect their info, chat with the person.  They are interested in an anniversary treat, diamond earrings, tries them on.  They leave, promising to come back in.  We've all been there---maybe they’ll be back, maybe not! 

How would you like to increase the chances tenfold that they will be back?

At Devon Fine Jewelry, Michaelene, the salesperson steps over to the cash wrap computer and enters the new customer's info into the system as usual.  Then she clicks on the LetterMatics icon and up pops a list of templates and selects “FIRST VISIT.doc”.  Up pops the store letterhead with the customer's name and address embedded in a very nice letter already there, thanking the customer for coming in! 

Michaelene edits the letter to mention the diamond earrings, refers to the conversational chat they had in the store a few minutes ago--hope your son's team won, hope you like the new restaurant you are going to tonight, etc.---using the personal info Michaelene just got to seamlessly extend the personal conversation.  The letter can include mention of other services or events coming up.  The letter is edited in WORD, which everyone knows how to use!

Now the really amazing part!  Three clicks and the letter is printed, folded, stuffed, stamped, and mailed for you by LetterMatics!!  The customer will receive the letter within 1-2 days, in their real mailbox.

LetterMatics does it all--no stationery to stock, no salespeople delaying the "handwritten notes" bosses all want them to do, which they postpone and send MAYBE weeks later to a customer who has probably forgotten all about the store.

Lettermatics is the first and only software that allows you to send REAL mail in REAL envelopes to REAL People, directly from your computer – as easy as sending e-mail – we print and mail so you don’t have to……..  You have e-mail.  What if sending Real Mail was just as easy.  Now you can take documents on your computer and send them in the U.S. Mail.  The ultimate objective is to make mailing from a computer as easy as dragging a file into a folder.  The benefits to customers include cost savings, ease of use, and faster time to market/mail delivery. 

It’s easy, it’s economical, it’s ecological and you don’t have to leave your desk to send mail.

How many businesses that you have ever visited sent you a letter like this SO FAST?  Your business can be the first AND grab more sales and profits. 


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