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Lettermatics - Benefits How It Works

Make More Money – Lettermatics helps build strong relationships with customers using the power of real mail – instantly from any PC

Lettermatics does it all!  Real Mail, Real easy!!

  • Prints
  • Stuffs
  • Addresses
  • Inserts
  • Seals
  • Applies postage
  • Mails it

First, the purchase price of $189 includes the following:

    • Full LetterMatics software license on up to 3 workstations
    • installation assistance
    • 1 custom letterhead and envelope
    • 8 Prewritten Letter templates
    • 7 Additional Business templates
    • 4 envelope templates
    • continuing customer support

New users can download & install LetterMatics package from the “Software” page of the web site at www.lettermatics.com, and then call 1-877-LMI-0008 to schedule their first training session.  Help with downloading and installing is a simple phone call away!

Second, you will need to fund your “EZ-Post” account to pay for the software (one time fee of $189), and a $25 deposit for postage.  The account is similar to the EZ-Pass highway toll system and is accessible right from the software or from the web site.

Third, you will need to train sales associates in using the service and make using LetterMatics part of their official operating policy.  This is especially easy when commissioned sales people are involved, since they can see how much using LetterMatics can increase their income.

Once LetterMatics is installed, all sales associates need do is insert personalized content, click their mouse on three confirmations, and then relax,  knowing their clients will receive a unique letter in their real postal mail box within one to two days.  This distinguishes the business that sent it as very professional and efficient.

This is accomplished by the LetterMatics network of professional print shops that have several regularly scheduled pick-ups by the US Post Office each day.  This means a letter is printed and then effectively mailed the same day.  All of this costs around $1 a letter.

Working with professional printers adds yet another capability to LetterMatics.  Four-color multi-page single sheets, folded, or multi-page color brochures can be sent from .pdf files.  The end result is the same: incredibly high quality print that grabs the recipient's attention and holds it.

Your client’s customized letters are output at a super high quality 600 DPI.  Four-color mailers are printed on-demand on high-quality coated stock.  LetterMatics thus allows small and mid-sized businesses to take advantage of targeted micro-marketing tools and techniques that have heretofore only been available to larger corporations.


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